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Asset Management

Our ongoing asset and performance management services are tailored to meet the individual needs of the client and the asset with the goal of mitigating risk and maximising cash flow, profitability and value. We support owners in managing their asset during the full life cycle of the investment by pooling together our expertise and experience in, amongst others, the areas of operations, operator & brand selection, contract negotiations, financing & investment, transactions, as well as architecture & design.

Whether you initially need a full performance review or a more focused assessment of your property, we also offer one-off services tailored to help you evaluate your property and make important strategic decisions.

We can support you with:

  • defining the goals and objectives of the investment
  • nurturing a constructive dialogue and work­ing relationship between you and the operating company
  • providing ideas and recommendations to you and the operator aimed to drive revenue and to optimise the overall operating results
  • monitoring and proactively supporting the operator
  • assisting you in the strategic deci­sion making process (e.g. approval of budget, business plan, capex, ROI investments, etc)
  • managing contract compliance (including verification of fees)
  • consulting and assessment of issues relating to the overall investment

Your benefits:

  • having a third-party advisor at your side who may also draw on the expertise of a diverse in-house global team along with an external network of proven partners
  • assurance in having an owner’s representative who keeps your best interests in mind and maintains a balanced alignment of interests
  • ease of mind in knowing that the operator is being asked the right questions and motivated to optimise performance
  • efficient information flow including concise and analytical reporting tailored to your needs
  • on call advisory support

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