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How to successfully develop a hotel? The PKF hospitality group has addressed this question for almost a hundred years. While the specific concepts have changed over time, the key success factors have remained largely unchanged: a unique concept, which sets a project apart from its competitors and gives it a competitive advantage, coupled with space- and cost-efficient planning.

The PKF hospitality group has always been on the forefront of innovation – from efficient budget hotels, to lifestyle-oriented boutique hotels.

What we stand for

The hotel sector of the PKF hospitality group stands for the following key qualities:

  • a fully integrated global team of industry experts – as a global firm, we can offer you the best specialists across borders
  • our more than 100 consultants are fully employed – we avoid freelance arrangements to secure quality and provide a stable basis for our team members
  • an unrivalled track record in the hospitality sector – stretching back 100 years
  • 21 offices on all continents – securing both a global perspective and local know-how
  • one-stop know-how for investments – from the initial idea to the operational stage of your project, our services cover the full life cycle of hotels
  • tailormade, innovative solutions for our clients based on their individual needs – value-adding advice instead of cookie-cutter templates
  • the largest dedicated research team in the hospitality sector – securing supreme knowledge and highlighting relevant trends for our clients
  • a strong international network with key players in the industry – including investors, developers and operators
  • a professional approach based on quality, clarity, teamwork and integrity – as part of the global PKF network
  • a passion for hotels

If you are interested in our services or you have a general question please feel free to contact us:

PKF hospitality group
Schubertring 3 • 1010 Vienna • Austria
telephone: +43 1 5120707