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A career at PKF hospitality group

We do not pursue a "hire and fire" policy. We are looking for employees who work with us for many years - maybe even during their entire professional career. We invest in the long-term and solid training of our team members. New employees are integrated into competent teams. This is how we guarantee the quality of services for our clients - and ensure proper employee training.

Embarking on a career in hotel consulting normally starts with an internship (six months as research assistant) or with a management consulting trainee programme (twelve months as research analyst followed by twelve months as junior consultant).

PKF hospitality group is always interested in new talents in the following fields:

  • consulting
  • research
  • events
  • other (administration, finances, human resources, marketing, technology)

Generally, there are two different alternatives:

  • regular employment
  • student internships (research & consulting or research & marketing, usually six months)

Furthermore, there is, in principle, the possibility of working for us as freelancer. However, in order to ascertain the quality of our services, our need for freelancers is limited.

If you are interested in joining us, please forward your application (motivation letter, CV and picture) by email to and become part of one of the leading hotel, tourism & leisure consulting teams worldwide!