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Latest News • 2019-09-17

Using synergies and combining know-how future close cooperation between PKF hotelexperts and Kohl & Partner

Intensification of the collaboration: Kohl & Partner and PKF hotelexperts, two major players in the tourism consulting market, strengthen their relationship to work even closer together in the future. The goal is to bundle the know-how of both providers in joint projects and to further exploit synergies in the national and international arena.

A close cooperation between the two consulting companies has already been existing for several years. In the past, numerous projects in the areas of hospitality, destination services and tourism infrastructure were implemented together, in which both partners could mutually benefit from each other’s knowledge and experience. After the two Viennese teams joined together in 2018 in a shared office community, the cooperation will be further intensified this year. The synergies of the two companies in their respective fields will be increasingly used to fulfil client’s needs.

This considers the current trend in the tourism sector that international development of supply and demand needs to harmonise with a growing desire for local products and experiences. With its extensive expertise in the hotel industry and tourism destinations in the alpine region, Kohl & Partner is one of the leading consulting companies, especially for owner operated hotels in the leisure sector. In turn, PKF hotelexperts offers hotel and tourism consulting services in ten locations on all five continents. Also in consideration of global trends and regional characteristics, the close cooperation and bundling of experience of the two companies will further strengthen the advisory services provided to the client.

„Not only since the cooperation in the joint office in Vienna, it’s been clear to us that the chemistry is right between Kohl & Partner and PKF hotelexperts. We look forward to further intensifying our cooperation ", says Martin Domenig, Managing Partner of Kohl & Partner.

„In several joint projects in the DACH region and beyond, it has been proven that we complement each other extremely well in terms of our areas of expertise. Both companies are a byword for independent and reputable consulting, which makes the cooperation professional and smooth - for our consultants, as well as for our mutual customers", confirms Michael Widmann, Managing Director of PKF hotelexperts.

about Kohl & Partner:
Kohl & Partner GmbH is an independent and internationally active consulting company with a focus on alpine space with more than 35 years of experience. The tourism consultancy, headquartered in Villach, Austria, specialises in the hotel and tourism industry and currently has a network of seven offices in four countries with a consultant team of more than 40 experts.

about PKF hotelexperts:

PKF hotelexperts, together with its sister company PKF tourismexperts, is an internationally recognised market leader in the field of hospitality, tourism & leisure consulting. With ten offices on all continents and over 90 years of experience, PKF hotelexperts provides quality services for the hospitality, tourism & leisure sector including feasibility studies, operator search, project development, asset management, research + benchmarking, valuations + appraisals, strategic advice, financing + investment, transaction support, destination services, concepts + brands, as well as services related to knowledge + networking.


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