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Latest News • 2020-05-22

Hotel & tourism forum Milan to be held online on 15 June 2020

*PKF hotelexperts has developed an innovative digital format for the 7th edition of the hotel & tourism forum that will take place on the 15 June 2020.

*There will be more than 1,500 attendees, 100 business partners and 50 speakers present, made up of both national and international guests.

*Four main themes: “Made in Italy”; “Projects and Investments”; “Design and Trends”; “Hotel Brands”.

*All ticket revenues will go to charity.

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Social distancing measures, strict health protocols, tight border regulation and uncertainty in the tourist market cannot halt future projects and investments in the hospitality industry. This is the thought of Giorgio Bianchi, Managing Director, PKF hotelexperts, who for the 7th edition of hotel & tourism forum has organised a whole day of online panels, with the aim of celebrating a digital Fuorisalone in Milan. Instead of the unconventional location of Spazio Ventura in Lambrate, an innovative online tool has been developed that will enable the event to go ahead, virtually.

We called it # REStart hospitality: Investment & Design because the reboot will be focused on these two key points – said Mr. Bianchi -: the investment projects and the design are a way to face the future of hospitality. The health crisis has forced us to re-think hotel structure. We have been the first to face this crisis and in consequence, we will lead project innovation. Currently, the investing companies are asking us how we are working in the Italian market. We will do it by embracing all the changing aspects, from hardware to plants, and from technology to design. The desire to have more privacy will impact consumer choices and mixed-use hospitality structures could benefit a demand growth.

This year, we have developed a new ONLINE format which will be composed of a main stage with four panels, focused on new hospitality & design scenarios resulting from the current crisis. The panels will be structured as follows: “Made in Italy – Excellence in Design, Food & Hospitality”; “The Impact of International Mega Events on Investment and Hospitality: Winter Olympics Games Milano Cortina 2026”; “European Design & Trends: Hospitality Design post COVID 19”and finally “Hotel Brands in Europe – The CEO Panel”.
In addition, the event will have two parallel sets of breakout sessions – titled “Investment” and “Design” - with the aim of presenting new projects, brands and innovative products to the event attendees including: Hotel owners, investors, developers, operators, banks, hospitality consultants, architects and designers, as well as suppliers for the hospitality industry and representatives of tourism organisations.

Furthermore, SUITE will declare this year’s winner of the Hospitality Design Award, XII edition, out of ten nominees, with a focus on design and environmental enhancement.

The conference participation is paid and the entire amount will be given to the charity foundations: Fondazione Gaetano Bertini Malgarini Onlus and Cascina Bellario Milan, an ALTHA project.

Two key points emerged from the virtual tour: there is the need of defining common rules for the Italian territory and the funding certainty, avoiding an excessive amount of bureaucracy. Some hoteliers have pointed out that the reopening of the structures must be compatible with the economic sustainability. however, Intesa Sanpaolo has confirmed the aid of approximately € 50 Billion to support these businesses.

The Enit president, Giorgio Palmucci, trustes that domestic tourism will rebound during the first period and believes on a return of the international proximity flows as soon as possible: “I hope – he said – that within the Schengen area there will be an health passport to travel”.

According to Giampiero Schiavo, CEO of Castello SGR, it is necessary to divide the future into different potential scenarios: “One near, which is what we are experiencing day by day, slowed down in the revenue item. We will have to wait until autumn to find out if there will be a rebound and understand who will be able to get out of the crisis. Then we will have a 2021 which today is still uncertain. The hotel industry - he underlined – lives in the age of real estate and this crisis will accelerate the restructuring of the accommodations; many will leave the market, because money is needed to continue and respond to new requests ".

The architect Simone Micheli commented on the intense design phase of the architectural studios: "The aesthetic and logistical scenarios will change and the hotel of the future, post-Covid, will be smarter, more effective, with flexible environments. Space management will have to be rethought. It will be a super iconic structure and technology will go hand in hand with form".

hotel & tourism forum Milan, organized by PKF hotelexperts group, is the leading hospitality conference and expo for investment & design in Italy and Europe.

PKF hotelexperts group – leading consultancy firm for the touristic field and globally represented, organizes events and conferences every year for the hospitality industry, which HTLroundtable, HTLsummit Vienna and hotel & tourism forum Munich and Milano are great examples.

PKF hotelexperts group, international leader in the consultancy market for the hotel, tourism & leisure sectors, is a member of PKF International, one of the world's leading networks of auditing and consultancy companies.
PKF hotelexperts group operates through a fully integrated global team with offices in Argentina, Austria, China, Germany, Italy, South Africa, Turkey, Ukraine, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and the United States.

The group's mission is to offer customers tailor-made solutions for their specific needs in the hospitality, tourism and leisure sector:

  • PKF hotelexperts: offers consultancy services for the hospitality sector, including hotels, hostels and resorts, with particular attention to investment related issues;
  • PKF tourismexperts: provides consultancy services to the tourism and leisure sector, with particular attention to tourism development plans and other destination development services;
  • PKF livingexperts: addresses the growing market for services, which includes aparthotels, serviced apartments, micro-apartments, student accommodation and residences for the elderly;
  • hotel & tourism forum: conferences aimed at professionals in the sector focused on hospitality, design and real estate, which take place every year in Milan and Munich.


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