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How to successfully develop a hotel? The PKF hospitality group has addressed this question for almost a hundred years. While the specific concepts have changed over time, the key success factors have remained largely unchanged: a unique concept, which sets a project apart from its competitors and gives it a competitive advantage, coupled with space- and cost-efficient planning. The PKF hospitality group has always been on the forefront of innovation – from efficient budget hotels, to lifestyle-oriented boutique hotels.

We offer the following services for the hotel sector:

  • feasibility studies
  • valuations + appraisals
  • operator search
  • concepts + brands
  • project development
  • financing + investment
  • asset management
  • strategic advice

We cover all types of hotels, including city hotels, resorts, hostels and alternative accommodation (e.g. camping & glamping, safari camps, limited services lodging, cruises). Beyond consulting, the PKF hospitality group focuses on hotel-related research (PKF hospitality research), innovation (PKF hospitality technology, future of hospitality institute) and events (196+ events).

So, if you think about a hotel investment – whether a new project, or the acquisition of an existing property – speak with us. We help investors, developers and operators to navigate the full life-cycle of a hotel – from the initial idea to the operational phase. With more than 100 specialised hospitality consultants in 20 offices throughout the world, we can help you ensuring that your hotel investment will be a resounding success.