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About us

The hospitality sector is probably the most global business line. There are both global and local shifts in supply and demand which have impacts on hospitality investments. Recognising emerging trends early on is of vital importance – a solid footing in research thus acts as the cornerstone of credible consulting. With almost 100 years of experience in collecting and interpreting hospitality data, PKF is still on the forefront of hospitality benchmarking and data analysis. Our own global hotel supply database covers all countries and markets worldwide, including information on capacity, hotel groups, branding, ownership, contracts – plus project pipelines, staff cost data and other performance-related information.

PKF hospitality research covers data and other information from the hotel, living, tourism & leisure sectors. Beyond research, the PKF hospitality group focuses on consulting (PKF hotelexperts, PKF livingexperts, PKF tourismexperts, PKF leisureexperts), innovation (PKF hospitality technology, future of hospitality institute) and events (196+ events).

So, if you think about an investment in the hospitality sector, our in-house research team is at your disposal. With more than 20 specialised hospitality research analysts in offices throughout the world, we can help you in collecting and analysing relevant data.