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About us

196+ events, the events division of the PKF hospitality group, provides networking & learning opportunities across the hotel, living, tourism & leisure sectors. Beyond events, the PKF hospitality group focuses on consulting (PKF hotelexperts, PKF livingexperts, PKF tourismexperts, PKF leisureexperts), research (PKF hospitality research) and innovation (PKF hospitality technology, future of hospitality institute).

It is an ever increasing challenge to find the right bits of know-how and the right people in the vast ocean of information. We see it as one of our primary challenges to provide sensible opportunities for networking among the leaders of the hospitality & tourism sector. The PKF hospitality group organizes dozens of events on all continents, year by year. In addition, we are active in the educational sector, with several of our team members teaching as professors or lecturers at various universities.

Overall, our events + networking division is involved in the following activities:

  • trainings & workshops
  • organization of site visits and excursions
  • conferences, seminars, roundtables & other events
  • speaking & teaching assignments

For operator groups, investors, developers and industry partners, we offer targeted sponsorship and marketing opportunities. Please contact us for further information.